View Trends in the Dashboard

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The Trends view displays metrics and a set of graphs related to your JFrog Platform deployments.

To view a trend, navigate to Application > Dashboard > Trends.

The following trends are available:

  • Storage Trends: Track Artifactory storage garbage collection metrics, Repository Storage metrics, and Optimization Info.

    Repository Storage trend is available in Cloud and Self-Hosted. Garbage Collection and Optimization Info trends are available in Cloud and Self-Hosted.

  • Xray Insights: View scanned components metrics.

    Available in Cloud and Self-Hosted.

  • Incoming HTTP Requests Metrics: Gain insights on incoming HTTP requests.

    Available in Cloud and Self-Hosted.

  • Performance Metrics: Gain insights on the performance of your platform deployments, such as slow queries, DB Connections, Heap Size, and remote repository HTTP connections.

    Available in Self-Hosted.

  • Replication Trends : Tracks full or incremental replication from the selected JPD to any of the target JPDs.

    Available in Cloud and Self-Hosted.

  • System Metrics : Provides insights on the server that is hosting the JFrog Platform and its products.

    Available in Self-Hosted.

  • Remote Repository Requests Metrics: Gain insights into the performance of the remote repository and the information regarding the users sending the requests.

    Available in Self-Hosted.


Insight does not consolidate data from all the JPDs and you cannot select the JPD from which you want to view the data. You must install Insight in each JPD and view trends for that individual JPD.

Insight shows information from Artifactory Edge nodes if you apply an Enterprise+ license and install Insight.