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Projects is based on the JFrog RBAC (Role-based Access Control) mechanism that simplifies the notion of permission targets. Three main categories of roles are supported: Platform, Global, and Project roles. These roles enable users that have been assigned to these roles to perform a set of predefined actions associated with the role on all of the resources in the project.

The following Admin roles can manage projects and assign roles to project members and allocate resources:

  • Platform Admins are users that are set with the 'Administer the Platform' role and are referred to as Platform Admins in the scope of projects.

  • Project Admins are assigned by the Platform Admins to perform project-related admin tasks. To gain more flexibility, Project Admins can assign roles to different environments within a project. Each project can have one or more project-level environments configured for it, and in addition can make use of all defined global environments. Resources in the JFrog Platform are associated with environments and Role Actions define the different access rights to the resources within each of the environments.

Permission Targets are replaced with Roles

Roles replace permission targets, that are only available when upgrading from a previous version to the JFrog Platform supporting projects.