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Environments are used to aggregate project resources (like repositories and Pipeline sources) to simplify their management.

Artifactory contains two default environments - DEV (Development) and PROD (Production), and additional custom environments can be created for specific projects, or for all projects, as needed. Each repository can be assigned to one environment only. Multiple repositories can be assigned to the same environment.

Custom Environments

Artifactory release 7.53.1 introduces custom environments, a feature that enables you to allocate repositories in ways that best serve the needs of your organization. 

You can create custom environments at the global level, where they are available for users of all projects, or at the project level for the members of that project. At the project level, specific roles can be assigned to custom environments, which enable you to implement a more granular permissions model for that project.

Environment Management Workflow

The following workflow shows how you can create and manage environments.



Using Platform UI

Using APIs


Create a global environment

Create a Custom Global Environment

Create Global EnvironmentCreate Global Environment

POST ${baseUrl}/v1/environments


Create a project environment

Create a Custom Project Environment

Create Project EnvironmentCreate Project Environment

POST ${baseUrl}/v1/projects/{project_key}/environments


Edit a global role and assign an environment

Assign Environments to Global and Project Roles

Edit a Global RoleEdit a Global Role

PUT ${baseUrl}/v1/roles/{role}


Create a custom global role and assign an environment

Create Custom Global Roles

Create a Custom Global RoleCreate a Custom Global Role

POST ${baseUrl}/v1/roles


Create a project role and assign an environment

Create Project Roles

Create RoleCreate Role

POST ${baseUrl}/v1/projects/{project_key}/roles


Assign repositories to each environment

Configuring a Local RepositoryConfigure a Local Repository

Update Repository ConfigurationUpdate Repository Configuration

Based on changes made in the Repository Configuration JSON.Repository Configuration JSON


Delete a custom environment

Delete a Custom Environment

Delete Global EnvironmentDelete Global Environment

DELETE ${baseUrl}/v1/environments/{environment_name}