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The Sumo Logic App for Artifactory automatically creates an account with Sumo Logic and sends it logs for analysis. Once an account is created through Artifactory, you can connect several instances to that same account. The Sumo Logic data analytics platform will, in turn, display pre-enabled dashboards which can be customized as needed. This enables you to access Sumo Logic’s premium operational analytics directly from Artifactory, letting you index and analyze both structured metrics data and unstructured log data together in real time.

The Sumo Logic App for Artifactory provides you with a customizable dashboard showing a variety of analytics, including:

  • Traffic by geo-location

  • Active IPs

  • Most active repositories

  • Top referred files

  • Requests by status codes

  • Denied login attempts

  • and much more.

For more details about the different analytics that the Sumo Logic App for Artifactory can provide, visit the Sumo Logic website.