Add a License Bucket

JFrog Platform Administration Documentation


Consider the following guidelines when you add a license bucket.

  • Matching the URL and Key: For more than one license bucket, make sure the URL and Key that you enter correspond to the same Bucket Identifier.

  • Bucket name and identifier are two different things: Don’t confuse the bucket Name with the Bucket Identifier. The bucket name is an arbitrary logical name you assign to the bucket. The identifier is a unique identifier assigned to the bucket by JFrog.

  1. Go to the Administration module| Licenses| License Buckets, and clickAdd New Bucket.

  2. Enter a Namefor your bucket, an Offline Bucket File or Signed URL, the Key you received from your JFrog representative, and click Add Bucket.

    license_bucket_by file upload.png
    license bucket by URL.png

Once the license bucket has been loaded to the JPD, you can attach licenses from it using JFrog CLI.