JFrog Platform Administration Documentation


JFrog supports integration with Datadog, a SaaS-based data analytics platform, for log analytics and real-time observability. Using this integration, you can collect logs, violations and metrics from the JFrog platform to understand the usage of artifacts and repositories across your organization, monitor system performance of platform services, and analyze storage consumption, errors, and connection statistics associated with your deployment. In addition, the violations data from Xray provide actionable insights into the license and security vulnerabilities impacting your artifacts and components.

How it Works:

The integration with Datadog is based on FluentD, an open source common logging platform, which uses a set of plugins to collect and parse logs from the JFrog platform, and subsequently forward them to Datadog. The integration also features support for Open Metrics, which is used to send system metrics data from the JFrog platform to Datadog.

Installation and Setup

This integration is available as a JFrog Platform tile within Datadog’s integration marketplace and must be installed and configured to start extracting data from the JFrog platform.

To setup and configure the JFrog please follow the instructions provided within the JFrog Datadog Integration Github project.

JFrog Dashboards

The integration with Datadog features pre-built dashboards that can be selected from the Dashboard list within Datadog. These dashboards become available once the JFrog Platform application is installed and configured and are meant to provide the most useful insights from log, violations and metrics from the JFrog platform.

JFrog Artifactory Overview Dashboard