Revocable Expiry Threshold

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The revocable-expiry-threshold defines a token’s revocability according to its expiry. The threshold sets the minimal token expiry that defines a token as revocable, or the maximal token expiry that defines the token as non-revocable. The revocable-expiry-threshold default value is set to 6 hours.

A token can have a lifespan that is defined by the expiry. If that expiry is set to a value smaller than therevocable-expiry-thresholdparameter (see Settings below), the token will be non-revocable. If you set an expiry to be less than 6 hours, the token will not be revocable until it expires naturally. In addition, if the revocable-expiry-threshold is set to a negative value, tokens with an expiration date might become non-revocable.