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Artifactory maintains an access log containing all security-related events, their source IP and context. Events include information on accept/reject of logins, and download, browsing and deployment of artifacts.

The access log is located at $JFROG_HOME/artifactory/var/artifactory/log/artifactory-access.log.

You can also view and download the access log from the Artifactory UI. In the Administration module go to Artifactory | System Logs.

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Access Log Structure

Artifactory's access log file record has the following structure:

Timestamp (UTC) [Trace Id] |[Action response and type] Repository path (Optional) Message (Optional) User name/IP type (optional)

Here is a typical example:

Access log file record

2020-05-15 15:52:11,456 [4b1b8a0b04e31b80] [ACCEPTED DOWNLOAD] jcenter-cache:org/iostreams/iostreams/0.2/iostreams-0.2.jar for anonymous/

Log Field


Timestamp (UTC)

The date and time the message was logged, in UTC time with the standard format: [yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ] based on RFC-3339

Trace Id

The trace id value. Trace id is used to identify a request across services

Action response and type

The response (ACCEPTED/DENIED) and the action type (e.g. DOWNLOAD, UPLOAD etc.)

Repository path (Optional)

The repository that was accessed

Message (Optional)

An optional system message

User name

The accessing user's user name or "anonymous" when accessed anonymously


The accessing user's IP address


The type of authentication in use (APIKEY or TOKEN)


You can also choose to receive focused information about events for a specific repository section, using the Watches Add-on.Configuring Xray Watches