Topology and Trends

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Topology and dashboards in JFrog Platform provides administrators with visibility into the health and status of your registered JFrog Platform Deployments (JPDs) and services. You can see the connections between the JPDs across geographical locations around the world and even drill-down to view the status of a single JPD and its associated services.System Architecture

The following views are available.

  • Topology View: Provides the status of your JPDs and services on a map together with status updates on Replication and Access Federation.

    Requires an Enterprise license or above.

  • Trends View: Provides in-depth health and performance information about your JPDs by tracking metrics around Storage, Security, Distribution and Replication.

    Requires JFrog Insight with an Enterprise+ license. You cannot view trends if you use the Mission Control microservice without using JFrog Insight.

The following sections provide more information on topology and trends.