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The LDAP Groups Add-on allows you to synchronize your LDAP groups with the system and leverage your existing organizational structure for managing group-based permissions.

Unlike many LDAP integrations, LDAP groups use super-fast caching, and has support for both Static, Dynamic and Hierarchical mapping strategies. Powerful management is accomplished with multiple switchable LDAP settings and visual feedback about the up-to-date status of groups and users coming from LDAP.

LDAP groups synchronization works by instructing the system about the external groups authenticated users belong to. Once logged-in, you are automatically associated with your LDAP groups and inherit group-based permission managed in the system.

Make sure users log in

Synchronizing LDAP groups does not automatically create users that are members of those groups. Once the LDAP connection is configured, the LDAP users are only created in the system after they log in to the system for the first time. Automatic creation of users can be controlled by the Auto Create Users checkbox in the LDAP Settings screen.