Search for Archived Packages

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To search for archived packages:

  1. In the Live Artifactory instance, in the Application global search drop-down, select Archive.Application Search

  2. In the search field, you can either perform a:

    • Free-text searchFree-Text Search


    • Advanced Search: Click the Filter icon at the right end of the search bar, as shown below.


      The search drop-down window appears, as shown below:


      In the search drop-down window, ensure that Packages is selected in the upper-right section of the window.

      Enter criteria for searching for archived packages, as described in the following table.



      Original Repository

      Search for packages based on the original repository name. Wildcard characters are supported.

      Archiving Time

      Search for all packages archived within the specified time period.

      Package Name Pattern

      Search for packages based on the name pattern. Wildcard characters are supported.

      Package version

      If you want to search for a specific package version, enter the version number here. Wildcard characters are supported.

      Package Type

      Select the package type that you want to search for.

  3. When you have finished entering the search criteria, click Search to display results.