Register a Platform Deployment

JFrog Platform Administration Documentation

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  1. Navigate to Administration Module | Platform Management | Registered JPDs, if you use the classic navigation.

    If you use the JFrog New Navigation, click Administration on the top bar. Select Topology| JPD Services.

    list of platform deployments.png
  2. Click + New platform deployments.

    This displays the Register Platform Deployment window.

  3. In the name field, enter a unique logical name for this JPD.

  4. Next, click Select Location to open the Select Location window.

  5. From the Location dropdown field, select the location of the JPD (the geographical location of the JPD to be displayed on a global JPD view), then click Create.

  6. In the JFrog Platform URL field, enter the URL of the JPD you are registering.

  7. Click Get Server Details.

    The Register Platform Deployment window is updated with a new field called a Pairing Token.

  8. Paste the Pairing Tokens you generated.


    From Artifactory version 7.29.7, the preferred method for connecting the JPD is using a pairing token. Pairing tokens are scoped for pairing services, and are short lived.

    In the Administration tab, go to User Management | Access Tokens | Pairing Token to generate the token.

    You can also generate a scoped token using the REST API Create Token call to generate a token.Create Token

  9. Optional: Add labels to be applied for filtering JPDs according to categories for example, location, dedicated centers - dev, testing, production.

  10. Click Add.