Mesh Topology

JFrog Platform Administration Documentation

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To set up Mesh topology, click Apply Topology | Mesh. The wizard appears that takes you through the following steps.

  1. Select Platform Deployments

    Select the Platform Deployments that will be part of the federated group. To include Platform Deployments in the federated group, select them from the Available Platform Deployments list and use the arrows to transfer them to the Selected Platform Deployments list.

  2. Select security entities to synchronize

    Once you have set the Access services that are in the federated group, select the set of security entities that should be synchronized.

    You can select from the following entities.

    • Users

    • Groups

    • Permissions

    • Access tokens

    Select the entities to be synchronized (by default, they are all checked) and click Next.

  3. Summary

    The wizard displays a summary of your configuration. To apply, click Finish.


    A summary of the results appears.