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The JFrog Unified Platform allows you to monitor various statistics related to the amount of storage that repositories occupy in your system. You can view the number of artifacts and physical files as well as the amount of space that they occupy.

To monitor usage of storage in your system, in the Administration module, go to Monitoring | Storage.

Retrieving the Storage Summary Details

By default, the storage summary is calculated every hour and saved in cache. This is useful for large Artifactory instances with many repositories and artifacts.

Administrators can configure the time and frequency by setting the property with a cron expression in the the file.

For example: = "0 0/30 * * * ?", will set the frequency to every 30 minutes.

If the default NULL value is used, a random minute will be selected and the job will run every hour, beginning on that minute.

To retrieve the latest storage summary details, use the Refresh button from the UI or the Refresh Storage Summary Info REST API.Refresh Storage Summary Info