SAML SSO Configuration with Okta

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WebUI Changes implemented in Artifactory 7.38.x and above

Security is now called Authentication Providers. All the relevant text and images on this page have been updated to reflect this change.

This procedure describes how to configure Artifactory SAML SSO with Okta.

To use SAML SSO with Okta:

  1. Log in to Okta with administrator privileges.

  2. In the Administration module, select Add Application | Create New App | SAML 2.0.

  3. Enter the App name:<desired_app_name>, and click Next.

  4. In the SAML Settings enter the following:

    • Single Sign-On URL for Artifactory 6.X version.


    • Single Sign-On URL for Artifactory 7.X version.


    • Audience URI (SP Entity ID).


    • Name ID Format: Unspecified

    • Application username: Okta username

      image (45).png


      You can log into Artifactory with Okta by using the username of a user's email address (i.e. "admin" from "admin@"). Choose Custom instead of Okta username and add String.substringBefore(, "@") into the Custom Rule.

  5. Click Next and then click Finish. A SAML 2.0 frame is displayed under the Settings frame.

  6. Click View Setup Instructions.

  7. Copy the data from the text boxes and paste them in Artifactory's SAML SSO settings.

To use SAML SSO with Artifactory.

  1. Log into Artifactory with administrator privileges.

  2. From Administration | Authentication Providers | SAML Integration define the fields in below.



    Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL

    SAML Login URL


    SAML Logout URL

    Identity Provider Issuer

    SAML Service Provider Name

    X.509 Certificate

    SAML Certificate

  3. Click Save.

  4. Logout from Artifactory and go to the Login page.

  5. Click SSO Login.


Okta users need to be assigned with permissions for Artifactory. For more information see Group Sync (for Artifactory versions 5.3.0 and above.