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  1. Open your profile page (click on your login name on the upper-right corner and select Edit Profile), type-in your password in the Current Password field, and click Unlock.

    user profile password.png
  2. Once your profile is unlocked, you can update your email address.

    demo user.png
  3. Click Change Password to change your password.


Different encryption mechanisms

The encryption mechanisms of the Oracle and IBM JDKs are not identical. Switching from one to another will make your encrypted password obsolete.

IBM JDK Encryption Restrictions

Some of the IBM JRE/JDK are shipped with a restriction on the encryption key size (mostly for countries outside the US); This restriction can be officially removed by downloading unrestricted policy files from IBM and overriding the existing ones:

  1. Register and download the unrestricted JCE policy files from the IBM website.

  2. Select the correct zip that matches your JAVA version.

  3. The downloaded zip file contains 2 jar files - local_policy.jar and US_export_policy.jar. Backup the existing files in $IBM_JDK_HOME/jre/lib/security and extract the jars from the zip file to this location

  4. Restart the system.