Update Licenses in a License Bucket

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To attach a license bucket, hover over the bucket and select Attach License from the Actions drop down menu.

Split Licence Buckets

A split bucket is intended to be applied to services in a separate environment. When applying licenses, split licenses should not be used.

The Attach License page displays the available and used licenses within the selected license bucket, and the online services.

You can attach as many licenses to an JPD cluster as needed.


Attaching additional licenses to your JPD cluster will allow you to dynamically scale it up on demand.

To set the number of licenses you would like to attach to each service, select the green check icon and click on Attach licenses. You can set the licenses to all services in bulk by selecting the uppermost green checkbox.

The "# Licenses to Attach" column initially displays the minimum number of licenses the specific service requires. You can increase this number according to the number of available licenses in your bucket. However, you cannot attach less licenses than this default number.