Global and Project Role Types

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Global and project roles allow Platform users and groups assigned with these roles to perform a full array of actions on their projects. A user or group becomes a project member after they have been assigned at least one global or project role within a selected project. The roles are intended to manage the access rights of users or groups according to their role definition. The roles can include: Project Admin, Developer, Contributor, Release Manager, etc. The additional breakdown into Project roles provides flexibility when assigning different roles to the same user across the different projects. Project roles are more specific and represent access rights relevant to the specific project.

Global role-related procedures apply to all projects, whereas project roles are project-specific and comprise of global and project roles. Global roles are assigned by the Platform Admin, whereas project roles are defined by a Project Admin role. Predefined global roles cannot be renamed or deleted; however the actions assigned to each role can be customized (except for the Platform Admin).

From Artifactory version 7.77, custom global roles can be created, edited, renamed or deleted, and the actions assigned to each role can also be customized.

A project runs in one or more project-level and global environments. You can assign a set of roles to project members on each of the environments, providing you with an additional layer of role-based access granularity.