Add Pipeline Integrations to a Project

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Pipelines integrations provide the mechanisms that enable an external service to inter-operate with Pipelines, as well as securely store the credentials for access to that service. They are necessary for Pipelines to connect to a pipeline source, and for Pipelines to access external services through resources and steps. For more information, see Managing Pipelines Integrations.Managing Pipelines IntegrationsManaging Pipelines Integrations

  1. Select the required project from the All Projects list in the taskbar.

  2. Navigate to Project Settings | Pipelines | Integrations and click and click Add an Integration.

    JFrog Platform New Navigation

    If you use the new navigation, click Applications on the taskbar, and select Pipelines | Integrations, and click Add an Integration. For more information on the new navigation, see JFrog Platform Navigation

  3. In the Add New Integration page:

    • Name: Enter a unique name for the integration. By default, the name is prefixed with the Project Key. After an integration is saved, its name cannot be edited.

    • Integration Type: From the Integration Type list, select an integration type from the dropdown list. For example, a GitHub Integration that enables a Pipeline to assign source control repositories in GitHub to GitRepo resources.GitHub IntegrationGitRepo

  4. Associate this integration with the DEV or PROD environment in this project at the integration level.

  5. Click Create.