Artifactory 7.84.3 Cloud

JFrog Release Information


Released: 18 April, 2024

New Features

  • Support for CocoaPods Virtual Repositories

    Artifactory now supports using CocoaPods virtual repositories, only for repositories using CDN- allowing you to access both local and remote CocoaPods resources through a single URL.

    For more information, see Set Up Virtual CocoaPods Repositories and Use CocoaPods CDN for Virtual Repositories.Set Up Virtual CocoaPods RepositoriesUse CocoaPods CDN for Virtual Repositories

  • Support for OpenTofu Terraform Client

    Artifactory now supports the OpenTofu registry and client, which provides an alternative to Hashicorp’s Terraform Provider Registry.

    For more information, see Configure OpenTofu to Work With Artifactory.Configure Terraform Provider Registry with Artifactory Using OpenTofu

  • APIs for Creating & Retrieving Batches of Repositories 

    A new API enables you to create multiple repositories using a batch request. The batch request can contain a mix of different package types and repository types. For more information, see Create Multiple Repositories . Another new API enables you to retrieve the configurations for a batch of repositories based on the repository names. For more information, see Get Multiple Repositories by Name.Create Multiple RepositoriesGet Multiple Repositories by Name

Feature Enhancements

  • Support for Release Lifecycle Management in Federated environments

    It is now possible to work with Release Bundles v2 in a Federated environment as part of managing your release lifecycle. This is particularly useful when Federations are employed in a DR (disaster recovery) or Active/Active multi-site framework, as it ensures that your releases (as contained in an immutable Release Bundle) are replicated across all sites. For more information, see Release Lifecycle Management in Federated Environments.Types of Release BundlesJFrog Release Lifecycle Management SolutionRelease Lifecycle Management in Federated Environments

  • Project Key Validator for Federated Release Bundle Repositories

    A validator has been added to ensure that Release Bundle repositories related to a specific project can be Federated only if the same project key exists on the other JPDs in the Federation.Release Bundle v2 Repositories

  • Local Deletion of Distributed Release Bundles v2 from Edge Nodes Reported in Source Timeline

    When a distributed Release Bundle v2 version is deleted locally from the target (typically an Edge node), as opposed to being deleted remotely from the source Artifactory, a new service provided by JFrog Distribution informs the source Artifactory of the operation. An event that describes the deletion is then added to the Release Bundle timeline for maximum visibility.Delete a Release Bundle (v2) from Edge NodesUse the Release Bundle Version Timeline

    The behavior of this functionality is configurable in both Distribution (requires 2.24.x and higher) and Artifactory. For more information, see Configure Deleted-at-Target Scraping Service.Configure Deleted-at-Target Scraping Service

  • Updates to Release Lifecycle Management APIs

    Several changes have been made to the Release Lifecycle Management APIs. Among the changes:RELEASE LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT

    • For all relevant APIs, the status value of PROCESSING has been changed to STARTED.

    • For all relevant APIs, the messages[].source and messages[].created properties have been deprecated.

    • The X-JFrog-Signing-Key-Name request header has been made optional instead of mandatory when promoting a Release Bundle v2 version using the API.Promote Release Bundle v2 Version

  • Support for .zip Package Format in CocoaPods Remote CDN Repositories

    Artifactory now supports resolving and caching .zip format packages in CocoaPods remote CDN-enabled repositories, in addition to .tgz format.

  • Access Token Creation by Project Admins

    Project admins can create access tokens that are tied to the projects in which they hold administrative privileges. For more information, see Access Token Creation by Project Admins.Access Token Creation by Project Admins

  • Changes to Anonymous Access

    From Artifactory 7.84.3, new users with anonymous access cannot access any ad hoc repository. You need to create a new permission target, select the repository's anonymous user, and set actions, and only then they can access the repositories.Permissions

    For more information, see Allow Anonymous Access.Allow Anonymous Access

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue







Fixed an issue related to Pub whereby, when trying to resolve an artifact with a version containing a '+' character from a virtual repository, Artifactory did not include the metadata as expected.




Fixed an issue related to Terraform whereby, when trying to resolve versions of modules that were already cached, the gitref files were not updated as expected and Artifactory returned a 404 error or an incorrect latest version.




Fixed an issue related to Go whereby, when trying to set up a remote repository using the Set Me Up instructions in the JFrog Platform WebUI, Artifactory returned a 404 error.




Fixed an issue whereby, when navigating to the package version details page and clicking the Show In Tree button near a package artifact while moving to the Artifacts page, Artifactory returned an error.




Fixed an issue related to OCI and HelmOCI whereby, the JFrog Platform WebUI displayed the ‘enable indexing in Xray’ option, even though Xray indexing is not supported for OCI and HelmOCI repositories.




Fixed an issue related to Maven whereby, when trying to configure a Maven client with the “Mirror Any“ option checked, Artifactory did not generate the settings.xml file as expected.




Fixed an issue whereby the backup would fail when Artifactory attempted to verify if enough disk space was available for the backup and a remote repository was selected for backup.




Fixed an issue related to Helm whereby, when using an Oracle database with only one repository with permissions, cannot remove this repository from permissions.




Fixed an issue related to Helm whereby, when trying to use the dependencies commands in virtual repositories, Artifactiry returned an error.


Authentication Providers


Fixed an issue that enabled a Release Bundle v2 to be created successfully even when the GPG key assigned to the Release Bundle was provided with the wrong passphrase.




Fixed an issue related to PyPI whereby, under certain circumstances, the yanked property was not applied to packages' simple index files as expected.


User Interface (UI)


Fixed an issue whereby, when modifying the timeoutMinutes property within the values.yaml file to a value higher than 5 minutes, the Artifactory Frontend service did not behave as expected.


User Interface (UI)


Fixed an issue whereby, frontend-request.log did not have the same structure as other log files in the JFrog Platform.