Artifactory 7.55.2 Self-Hosted

JFrog Release Information


Released: February 28, 2023

Artifactory 7.55.2 is Available as a Cloud and Self-Hosted Version

Artifactory 7.55.2 is the Self-Hosted version and contains all the highlights, feature enhancements, and bug fixes stated in Artifactory 7.55.1 as part of our Cloud-first initiative.

Feature Enhancements

Checksum Replication API for Target Artifactory

Added a new checksumReplication API that allows you to set the checkBinaryExistenceAllowed flag at the target Artifactory so that only the metadata is replicated from the source Artifactory while the storage level synchronization replicates the artifacts. For more information, see Configure Checksum Replication.

If you have previously set the checkBinaryExistenceInFilestore flag to true in the source Artifactory in the Pull/PushReplication REST API for metadata replication without replication of artifacts, you must set the  new checksumReplication API that allows you to set the checkBinaryExistenceAllowed flag at the target Artifactory to continue with the previous behavior. Otherwise, normal repository replication will be applied. For more information, see Optimizing Repository Replication Using Storage Level Synchronization Options.Repository Replication

File Cache Binary Provider storage metrics added

The File Cache Binary Provider (cache-fs) storage metrics jfsh_cache_evicted_bytes and jfsh_storage_size_bytes have been added to the Artifactory Storage metrics. For more information, see Artifactory Metrics.Artifactory Metrics

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue related to MySQL whereby, when the sql_require_primary_key flag was enabled, Artifactory did not create tables.


Fixed an issue whereby, when running push replication with the target instance connected to more than one S3 bucket and one of the buckets already contained the file, Artifactory still created the file in the second bucket even though the checkBinaryExistenceInFilestore flag was enabled.


Fixed an issue whereby, migrating from self-hosted to Cloud environments failed when reimporting retention policies.


Fixed an issue whereby, in an Artifactory HA cluster environment, email notifications regarding password expiry notifications were generated multiple times.


Fixed an issue whereby, the Storage Summary page displayed incorrect data related to Sharding Cluster environments.