Artifactory 7.59.9 Cloud Self-Hosted

JFrog Release Information


Released: May 28, 2023

Artifactory 7.59.9 is Available as a Cloud and Self-Hosted Version

Artifactory 7.59.9 is the Self-Hosted version and contains all the highlights, feature enhancements, and bug fixes stated in Artifactory 7.59.5 as part of our Cloud-first initiative.

Known Issue in this Version

under some circumstances, users who attempt to modify their binary-store.xml configuration file might experience files being deleted. Users with Sharding Cluster and Eventual Cluster configured should upgrade to Artifactory version 7.59.16 or later. For more information, see Known Issues.

Join Key issue when you upgrade to Artifactory 7.59.9 - 7.63.7

If you used Join Key to register a remote JPD, the Mission Control microservice in the home JPD fails to connect to the remote JPD and the remote JPD appears as offline in the topology after a certain period.Join Key


This issue occurs because the Access microservice in the remote JPD fails to recognize the Mission Control microservice of the home JPD and marks it as a stale service. When the Access cleanup process runs, the join key is revoked.


As a result, you cannot distribute release bundles to the remote JPD, access federation with the remote JPD fails, and affects your license buckets.


To avoid this issue, you must re-register the remote JPDs that you registered using join keys with Pairing Tokens before you upgrade.Pairing Tokens

If you upgraded to an affected version, you must re-register the remote JPDs with Pairing Tokens so the remote JPDs are accessible again.Pairing Tokens


All JFrog products now support Ubuntu 22.04 and all JFrog products, except Pipelines, now support Debian 11.x . For more information, see System Requirements.System Requirements

Feature Enhancements

New Artifactory Storage Metrics Added

New storage metrics of the following types have been added: general storage, File Cache Binary Provider (cache-fs), cloud storage, and http connection pool. For more information on these metrics, see Artifactory Metrics.Artifactory Metrics

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue related to Cargo whereby, when requesting an index that does not exist using an anonymous user with Anonymous Access enabled, Artifactory returned a 400 instead of a 404 error.


Fixed an issue related to npm whereby, when resolving packages using an npm client with a version earlier than 5.0.0, an incomplete package.json file was created, which made the package unusable.


Fixed an issue related to VCS whereby, the Download File REST API was not supported for Smart Remote repositories.


Fixed an issue whereby, the projects' storage quota included the remote cache repository.


Fixed an issue whereby, Artifactory did not support updating the value of repository property sets using the Update Repository Configuration REST API.


Fixed an issue whereby, when setting up event pull replication with more than one remote repository pointing to the same source repository, Artifactory generated repetitive requests which resulted in performance issues.


Fixed an issue whereby, when upgrading Artifactory to version 7.55.9, the v165 converter for Oracle DB failed.


Fixed an issue whereby, under certain circumstances, the New Content-Disposition Header caused system failures.


Fixed an issue whereby, users without Can Update Profile permissions could not view the Configure tab in the SetMeUp section of the JFrog WebUI.