Distribution 2.4.0

JFrog Release Information


Released: July 5, 2020

Hybrid Distribution

JFrog SaaS supports Hybrid Distribution allowing you to distribute your Release Bundles from Artifactory Cloud to multiple Cloud and Self-hosted Edge nodes within the same organisation. Hybrid Cloud promotes scalability and flexibility allowing you to distribute sensitive and highly regulated and mission critical Release Bundles to Artifactory Self-hosted edges while using the Artifactory Cloud for mainstream public distributions and thereby gaining significant cost savings. For more information, see Hybrid Distribution.Hybrid Distribution from the JFrog Platform on the Cloud

Added Manual Linux Archive Installation

You can now install JFrog Distribution using a Linux Archive installer in addition to the existing options giving more control over how to set up your environment. For more information, see Manual Linux Archive Installation.Installing Distribution

Feature Enhancements
Automated GPG Public Key Propagation to Edge Nodes

The automatic propagation of signed public GPG Keys to the Artifactory source and edge nodes is now an integral part of the upload process of the GPG keys to Distribution. To support this, the Upload and Propagate GPG Signing Keys for Distribution REST API has been introduced and replaces the Upload GPG Signing Key for Distribution REST API command that is now deprecated from version Distribution version 2.4. For more information, see GPG Signing.Upload and Propagate GPG Signing Keys for DistributionUpload GPG Signing Key for DistributionGPG Signing

Export/Import Release Bundle Metadata to Support One To One Pairing

To support the Artifactory to Distribution One to One paring ratio in the JFrog Platform, you can now migrate Release Bundle metadata of the relevant Artifactory Instance to the correlating Distribution Service. For more information, see Distribution and Artifactory One to One Pairing.Distribution and Artifactory One to One Pairing

Distribution to the source Artifactory without Proxy

The requirement to Distribute to the source Artifactory via a proxy has been removed.

Distribution Load Balancing Mechanism Improvements

Improved the load balancing mechanism in High Availability environments.

PostgreSQL Version Support

Distribution is now certified to run with PostgreSQL versions 10.X, 11.X, and 12.X. Note that, all JFrog’s installers bundling PostgreSQL have been updated to use a newer PostgreSQL version 10.13.

Resolved Issues

Jira Issue


Fixed an issue whereby you could not distribute Release Bundles from Artifactory version 7.x to Artifactory Edge 6.x edge nodes.

When creating a Release Bundle, exclude Release Bundle repositories from the source.