Artifactory 7.66.3 Cloud

JFrog Release Information


Released: 13 August, 2023

Backup Path Change

When updating Artifactory to version 7.66.x and above, verify that your server path to backup does not start with JFROG_HOME/artifactory. If it does, please change it to avoid errors.

Feature Enhancements

Added Support for Renaming Cargo Dependencies

It is now possible to rename the dependencies in the cargo.toml file when uploading crates to local repositories.

Added Support for Renaming Cargo Dependencies

The Platform Get User Details REST API response now contains the effective_admin field to indicate if the user is an administrator, based on the user's associated groups.

Block Project Administrator from Adding Anonymous Access

JFrog has hardened anonymous access at the project level for security reasons. From Artifactory version 7.66 JFrog disabled the ability to add an anonymous user to a new project. For more information, see Allow Anonymous Access.Allow Anonymous Access

New Field Support for Custom Webhooks RTFACT-29754

Artifactory now populates the jpd_origin and subscription_key fields when creating a custom webhook with a custom payload.

Additional UI Options for Creating Release Bundles v2

Artifactory now enables you to create Release Bundles v2 directly from the Release Bundle window in the platform UI. When you click the Create Release Bundle button, you are given 2 options:

  • Create from Builds: Use this option to create the Release Bundle from one or more builds (including aggregated builds).

  • Create from Release Bundles: Use this option to create a new Release Bundle from one or more existing Release Bundles.

For more information, see Create Release Bundles (v2).Create Release Bundles (v2)


It is still possible to create a Release Bundle from a single build directly from the Builds window (Artifactory > Builds). Use the Create Release Bundle Version REST APIs to create Release Bundles from AQL and artifacts.Create Release Bundle v2 Version

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue related to PHP Composer whereby, when trying to install the roots/wordpress package, Artifactory returned an error.


Fixed an issue related to Docker/OCI whereby, Artifactory did not support Docker promotion of a multi-architecture image with attestation manifests.


Fixed an issue related to Debian repositories whereby, when trying to resolve an InRelease file from a virtual repository, Artifactory returned an error.


Fixed an issue related to Conda whereby, under some circumstances, certain packages were not indexed as expected.