Artifactory 7.33.6 Cloud

JFrog Release Information


Released: 1 February, 2022

Artifactory 7.33.6 is Available as a Cloud Version

Artifactory 7.33.6 release is available only as a Cloud version.

Feature Enhancements

Force Authentication is Supported for Conan Repositories

For Conan repositories, you can now enable Force Authentication on the repository level forcing users to perform authentication as a prerequisite for using the Conan Client opposite the repository. For more information, see Conan Allowing Anonymous Access.Conan Repositories

Federated Repository Enhancements

You can control the Federated Repository binary importer number of workers/threads by setting a set of parameters in the binary.xml file

Deprecation of the JetS3t

Because the JetS3t library is no longer maintained; therefore, this template will be deprecated in Artifactory in the second quarter of 2022. You should use the s3-storage-v3 instead, which uses the official, highly-maintained AWS S3 SDK. The transition should be seamless between s3 to s3-storage-v3, as most parameters are the same between the two providers. To learn more, see Amazon S3 Official SDK Template.Amazon S3 Official SDK Template

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue whereby, an error was generated when trying to download PyPI packages after upgrading the PIP client to version 22.0.

Fixed an issue whereby, under certain circumstances, an indexing race condition occurred while deploying Helm Charts.

Fixed an issue whereby, a number of internal access tokens were displayed in the Access Tokens page in the UI.

Fixed an issue whereby, the Build Module ID in the Builds view in webUI displayed a 500 error when the query contains more than 1000 dependencies in one list. (edited)

Fixed an issue whereby, running the Checksum Search REST API command without including the repository name, generated an error when searching for a file that existed in a virtual repository.Checksum Search

Fixed an issue whereby, users received an incorrect message when trying to revoke a token in the Profile Edit page in the JFrog Platform webUI.

Fixed an issue whereby, under certain circumstances, changes to the artifactory.config file led to thread leaks.