Pipelines 1.17.6

JFrog Release Information


Released: August 18, 2021


Pipelines 1.17.6 requires Artifactory 7.24.3 and above.

Resolved Issues
  • The security concerns that limited the use of Docker commands on Azure and GCP SaaS environments have been resolved. Docker commands can now be used in all steps.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, some API calls were receiving 404s and 401s when control-plane nodes were downscaling and upscaling. Pipelines router was upgraded to 7.23.1 to resolve this issue.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, deleting pipelines was resulting in too many API calls and deletion was taking too long to finish.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Pipelines from getting installed on machines that had docker-compose version 1.28.x and above installed.

  • Fixed an issue in pipelineSync that was causing memory spikes in both API and pipelineSync.

  • Total build minutes on SaaS free tier is now limited to 2000 per month.