Artifactory 7.24.1 Cloud

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Released: 8 August, 2021

Artifactory 7.24.1 is Available as a Cloud Version

Artifactory 7.24.3 is the On-Premises version of the official Cloud version of Artifactory 7.24.1.


PHP Composer V2 Support

Artifactory supports PHP Composer V2 in addition to V1. From Artifactory 7.24, Local PHP repositories will automatically be created in V2 that supports faster download times and enhanced performance.

The PHP Metadata V2 index support for local repositories, and complies with the following rules:

  • Your existing Composer repositories will remain unchanged and Composer v1 will be set as the default.

  • From this Artifactory version and above, all newly created Composer repositories will be set with Composer version 2. The option to set V1 indexing is disabled by default.

The V1 indexing can be enabled or disabled in the local repository configuration and requires full reindexing after applying changes. For more information, see PHP Composer Local Repositories.PHP Composer Repositories

Drupal 7 and 8 Registry Support

You can now upload Drupal version 7 and 8 packages to remote repositories. For more information, see Setting Remote Repositories to Work Opposite Drupal 7 and 8 Packages.PHP Composer Repositories

Feature Enhancements

Added Namespace Support for Helm Virtual Repositories

You can now assign namespaces to local and remote repositories in Helm virtual repositories allowing you to explicitly state which aggregated repository to fetch. In the past, when attempting to fetch a chart from a virtual Helm repository, the first chart that randomly matched the name, was fetched. For more information, see Kubernetes Helm Chart Repositories.Kubernetes Helm Chart Repositories

Migration Performance Improvements

Introduced performance improvements when migrating from Artifactory 6.x to Artifactory 7.x.

Resolved Issues

Jira Issue



Fixed an issue whereby, Push replication failed when artifacts containing the semicolon (;) character was included in the file name.


Fixed an issue whereby Pull replications failed if the source contained a colon character in the artifact path.


Fixed an issue whereby, .ddeb package types were not indexed in Debian repositories.


Fixed an issue whereby, a 404 message was generated by Artifactory when the tarball location on NPM remote registries did not comply with the standard.


Fixed an issue whereby, a 401 Unauthorized error was generated when resolving the Charts using Helm v3.6.1

Fixed an issue whereby, for non-SemVer versions, the NuGet v3 search worked only if the ?prerelease=true was set to true.