Artifactory 7.55.13 Self-Hosted

JFrog Release Information


Released: 8 May, 2023

Features and Enhancements

Enhanced Shard Health Check in Sharding Binary Provider

From Artifactory 7.55.13, you can configure options (balancerThreads, accessibleCheckThreads, and accessibleCheckTimeoutMillis) in the Sharding Binary Provider to check the health of shards and provide stability to a sharded filestore.

The logging for the health check of the shards have also improved and now the logs provide warnings for the shards that are not accessible. If you set the logger to debug level, you can see the status of the health check of shards and metrics about the latency check of each shard.

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue whereby, when adding multiple repositories to a virtual repository and saving, the repository order was not saved properly.


Fixed an issue whereby, users without Can Update Profile permissions could not view the Configure tab in the SetMeUp section of the JFrog WebUI.


Fixed an issue whereby, List Docker Tags REST API did not find any tags when custom Include Patterns were set.


Fixed an issue whereby, when using include patterns other than the default */** pattern on a remote repository and then deleting an image from the remote-cache repository, all cached artifacts in the repository were hidden in the Artifactory WebUI.


Fixed an issue related to Go whereby, Artifactory generated DEBUG type logs with an incorrect format.