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JFrog Release Information


Released: 3 February, 2022


Announcing the Integration Microservice

Released the new Integration microservice (as part of the JFrog platform) responsible for third-party authentication and event registration.

8071 and 8072 are the ports that must be open for the Integration microservice. For more information, see the Requirements Matrix.Requirements Matrix

Binding Tokens

JFrog introduces a new type of access token called a binding token, which allows trust to be bi-directional. Binding tokens provide a narrowed trust scope for those customers that do not wish to provide full access to the other JPDs, and also full self-service for Cloud Enterprise customers that can build customizable binding to the other JPDs on their own. While binding was available with the older access methods (Circle of Trust, join key, etc.), it has now been implemented as part of the JFrog Platform Deployments function in the Administration tab. See Binding Tokens.Binding Tokens


Binding tokens used for cross-JPDs require you to have an enabled Mission Control service.

Federated Repositories Now Supported for Cloud Customers

Federated Repositories require setting up trust between two JPD instances (source and target), which can be achieved using a Circle of Trust. With this release, using the new Binding Tokens, you can set up Federated Repositories in a JFrog Platform Cloud environment without using a Circle of Trust. See Setting Up a Federated Repository and Binding Tokens for Federated Repositories.Working with Federated RepositoriesBinding Tokens

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue


Fixed an issue whereby, the Bitbucket Cloud integration failed due to an incorrect cloud URL.

Fixed an issue whereby, the SCIM page was not displayed in the WebUI for users with Edge licenses.

Fixed an issue whereby, the Distribution Release Bundles WebUI page did not load.