Artifactory 7.68.7 Self-Hosted

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Released: 11 September, 2023

Known Issue in This Version

When upgrading Artifactory to version 7.68.7 or 7.68.11, Artifactory failed to complete the upgrade due to a failure in validating the Access database schema. Users should upgrade to version 7.68.13 and later. For more information, see Known Issues.

Artifactory 7.68.7 is Available as a Cloud and Self-Hosted Version

Artifactory 7.68.7 is the Self-Hosted version and contains all the highlights, feature enhancements, and bug fixes stated in Artifactory 7.68.6 as part of our Cloud-first initiative.

New Features

Feature Enhancements

  • Internal Database Indexing Enhancements

    This release includes a number of internal database indexing enhancements that improve the performance of virtual repositories.

    For more information, see Internal Database Indexing Enhancements for Nodes Table.

  • New REST API to Revoke Token by Value

    This release includes an API that can revoke an access token by providing a JSON web token (JWT) or reference token..

    For more information, see Revoke Token by Value.Revoke Token by Value

  • Updated REST API to Get Token by ID without Validation

    This release includes an update to the Get Token by ID REST API so that the API does not require validating the audience.

    For more information, see Get Token by ID.Get Token by ID