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Released: 16 September 2020

Artifactory 7.8.1 is Available as a Cloud Version

The JFrog Artifactory 7.8.1 release is available as a Cloud version and will be available for on-premise shortly.

Supported Docker Strategies for JFrog Cloud Users

From Artifactory 7.8.1, the subdomain resolution method for resolving Docker repositories will not be supported for new Cloud users. This deprecation does not apply to existing Cloud users.


GraphQL API for the JFrog Platform Metadata

JFrog's Metadata Service public APIs are now enabled and allows you to query the entities from the metadata server with GraphQL.

Feature Enhancements

Docker Pull Performance Improvements

Greatly improved the performance of Docker Pull requests by digest and by tag. From 7.8.1, Artifactory will use more efficient queries and better utilize the internal caching mechanism when serving Docker Pull requests.

Viewing and Tracking Non-Revokable Access Tokens

You can view and track non-revokable Access Token in the UI.

You can now filter the token view based on the token's revocability and not just its expiry.

The behaviour for a token revocation request has also changed, and you will now see an error message if you try to revoke a non-revocable token.

Token revocability is still governed by its expiry and the revocable-expiry-threshold parameter.

Improved the Monitoring JFrog Microservices Status Page in the UI

The Service Status page in the UI displays an improved view with detailed information about the status of your JFrog services and now includes monitoring for Pipelines.

Improved Database Performance in HA Environments

Reduced DB lock contention and DB load in HA setups.

Upgraded AWS SDK bundled with Artifactory

Upgraded the AWS SDK bundled with Artifactory to support the use of service account IAM roles. AWS SDK v. 1.11.496 includes a feature for granting IAM roles to Kubernetes service accounts, instead of granting an IAM role to an EC2 machine, or using an open-source project.

Disable Basic Authentication Method

When using an external authentication method such as LDAP, SAML, etc, the basic authentication method can be disabled for internal users.

Resolved Issues

Jira Issue


Fixed an issue whereby, Access Tokens created in the UI were not displayed in the UI.


Fixed an issue whereby, if Artifactory started with a failed crowd server connection, it did not attempt to connect to the crowd server again.


Fixed an issue whereby, remote NuGet repositories on Azure DevOps were not working.


Fixed an issue whereby, the automatic cleanup process did not prune empty folders.


Fixed an issue whereby, when replicating Artifactory instances with Artifactory properties replication and event replication enabled, the npm dist-tag was not replicated with npm dist-tag add.


Fixed an issue whereby, when refreshing an Access Token, the expire_in value was not inherited, and the default 3600 is used instead, resulting in the token expiring after only one hour.


Fixed an issue whereby, an Artifactory Go remote repository was not proxying requests to the latest URLs.


Fixed an issue whereby, removing a HA node from a cluster in Artifactory version 7.x was not working.


Fixed an issue whereby, the Create Repository Rest API was allowing the creation of a NuGet remote repository without the mandatory parameter downloadContextPath.Create Repository


Fixed an issue whereby, when using the Quick Setup to create repositories, the repositories were created without the default proxy configured in Artifacotry.


Fixed an issue whereby, when running an NPM search, and the maintainers field was a string and not a JSON object, the search command failed with a timeout.


Fixed an issue whereby, when a property set with values was added to a repository, and any modification was done, such as addition or deletion of values, to the property set, the new values were not listed.


Fixed an issue whereby, Artifactory was using the last update timestamp for local Go repositories when populating the version list causing older versions of dependencies that were pushed to Artifactory using the JFrog CLI to appear as newer versions.


Fixed an issue whereby, when adding or editing a user plugin and running the Reload Plugins API in a HA setup, the reload was not propagated to the nodes in a HA cluster.


Fixed an issue whereby, a proxy was used when deploying an artifact to a localhost.


Fixed an issue whereby, when deleting a remote repository, in some cases, cached artifacts were not deleted.


Fixed an issue whereby, a build appeared without artifacts when the Block Unscanned Artifacts, was enabled in Xray.


Fixed an issue whereby, Artifactory was issuing a 500 error instead of 404 for non-existing modules causing a Go builds to fail instead of moving on to the next proxy in the list.


Fixed an issue whereby, the SAML SSO login was triggering an unnecessary PATCH user API.