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JFrog Release Information


Released: 29 April, 2021


JFrog Platform Ansible Installer

JFrog’s Ansible Collection includes several Ansible roles that allow you to install the latest JFrog Platform in many different configurations-from simple single server installations to redundant and highly available setups-this collection provides the flexibility for any architecture. To learn more, see Installing the JFrog Platform Using Ansible.Install the JFrog Platform Using Ansible

Resolved Issues

Jira Issue



Fixed an issue, whereby Federated members could not be added to a Federation when trying to find the repositories via JFrog Mission Control.


Fixed an issue, whereby Artifactory returned a URL to the CDN for S3 redirects with CloudFront. As an enhancement, a header was added to manually control signed URL redirects.

Fixed an issue, whereby artifact properties were not displayed in the Artifact browser details.