Artifactory 7.15.3 Cloud | Self-Hosted

JFrog Release Information


Released: 18 February 2021

Feature Enhancements

Improvements to RubyGems Indexing for Virtual Repositories

Added Bundler Compact index support for Virtual repositories, in addition to Local and Remote repositories, providing you with the latest version of the package that is compatible with your installed Ruby version of the project.

To use this new capability, in the file, set the artifactory.gems.compact.index.enabled=true value.

Enhanced Folder Download Functionality

The 'Folder Download' feature is now aligned with the JFrog CLI and supports downloading empty folders.

Group REST API Enhancements

From Artifactory 7.15.3, when running the Update Group REST API, you can enforce using lowercase characters in user names when associating users to groups, by setting the to true. The default is set to false. When set to true, an error will be generated if an uppercase character is used in the user name.

Conan Package Improvements

User and channel attributes can be changed when copying and moving Conan artifacts and packages.

Additional Webhooks for Distribution

Added new events for Release Bundles on Edge Nodes, which enables you to trigger events when a Release Bundle was received on an Edge node, and when a Release Bundle deletion process has started, completed successfully, or failed.Webhooks

Quick Repository Setup

Admins can now use the Quick Setup to create repositories for selected package types in one go. With a couple of simple steps, admins can create local, remote, and virtual repositories for single or multiple package types.

Access Swagger Security Enhancement

The Access Swagger UI now requires admin token authentication.

Performance Improvements

The archive index is now set to false by default to prevent an overload on database resources.

Resolved Issues

Jira Issue



Fixed an issue, whereby Support Bundles collected .gz log files that were not included in the time range.


Fixed an issue, whereby Docker labels containing special characters that were not supported by Artifactory are now supported and automatically replaced with the hyphen ('-') symbol.


Fixed an issue whereby, the optionalIndexCompressionFormats parameter was not included in the payload json of the Debian Virtual Repository using REST API.


Fixed an issue, whereby Artifactory did not start if the serverUrl in the Atlassian Crowd setting had timed out.


Fixed an issue, whereby running the List Docker Repositories REST API against a Docker remote repository continued to try and fetch the list even after an exception was generated.


Fixed an issue, whereby running a docker push, returned a 400 error when trying to overwrite an image tag without having delete or overwrite permissions instead of generating a 403 error.


Fixed an issue, whereby the inRelease metadata in virtual repositories was not available when metadata calculations were triggered.


Fixed an issue, whereby, under certain circumstances, when deploying an RPM package the primary.xml.gz file did not contain the 'pre' attribute.


Fixed an issue, whereby Helm repositories could not be proxied when running on an Azure Container Registry.


Fixed an issue, whereby running the Deploy Artifact by Checksum REST command did not validate permissions correctly when performing an overwrite.


Fixed an issue, whereby resolving Helm Charts through local repositories was not supported.


Fixed an issue, whereby the CocoaPods dependency resolution mechanism failed opposite Remote repositories.


Fixed an issue, whereby the SumoLogic dashboard URL could not be accessed, due to invalid credentials, after the initial token expired.


Fixed an issue, whereby the Async converter only converted the first Artifactory upgrade when multiple Artifactory instances were connected to a single PostgreSQL database with multiple schemas.


Fixed an issue, whereby the logs generated during the NuGet metadata calculation process, displayed the timestamp in milliseconds, instead of the period of time it took to calculate the metadata.


Fixed an issue, whereby pinging an npm repository returned an error response.


Fixed an issue, whereby a 500 response was generated, for a session timeout for a CROWD user, instead of a session timeout event.

Security-Related Resolved Issues

Fixed an issue, whereby sensitive information was exposed when running a REST API command.

Fixed an issue, whereby running a UI-related REST API call containing certain characters caused Artifactory performance issues.

Fixed a security issue related to the System Import and Export feature.