Pipelines 1.17.3

JFrog Release Information


Released: August 09, 2021


Pipelines 1.17.3 requires Artifactory 7.24.1 and above.

Support for Helm Blue-Green Deployments

Introduced three new native steps to support Helm Blue/Green deployments on Pipelines. These native steps can be used to configure a HelmBlueGreenDeploy Blue/Green strategy for Helm deployments on Kubernetes. This feature enables users to test releases in production before making them visib le to users, while also providing a quick way to roll back changes if needed. For more information, see HelmBlueGreenDeploy, HelmBlueGreenCleanup, and HelmBlueGreenRoleSwitch.HelmBlueGreenDeployHelmBlueGreenDeployHelmBlueGreenCleanupHelmBlueGreenRoleSwitch

Pipeline-level Integrations and Resources

When defining a pipeline's YAML, integrations, input resources, output resources, and affinity groups can now be specified globally in the pipelines configuration section to apply them to all steps in the pipeline. When an affinity group is defined at the pipeline level, all steps in the pipeline are added to the same affinity group. This is especially useful for small pipelines that need to easily share local data. For more information, see Defining a Pipeline.Defining a Pipeline

Signed Pipelines Enhancements
  • Added signed pipelines support for Docker images pushed in a DockerPush step and signed release bundles created in the CreateReleaseBundle native step. For more information, see Signed Pipelines.Signed Pipelines

  • Added support for PowerShell versions for signed pipelines in the MvnBuild and GradleBuild native steps.

Support for Adding Values Definition in the UI

When using a template, you can now add values definition for the pipeline source without pointing it to an SCM repository. When adding the pipeline source, the values can be defined directly in the UI. For more information, see Managing Pipeline Sources.

Support for SSH/HTTPS Clone for GitRepo Resource

The GitRepo resource now includes a new tag that can be configured to use either SSH or HTTPS protocol when cloning a Git repository. For more information, see GitRepo.

Branch Name in Run View

When working with multi-branch pipelines, the run view now displays a breadcrumb that includes the name of the branch being used and a drop-down that lists all the branches. This enhancement enables you to easily navigate between different branches.

HTTPS Clone Support for BitBucket Server

Pipelines now provides HTTPS Clone support for BitBucket Server.

SMTP Credentials Integration Enhancement

Added a new option to the SMTP Credentials integration called ignoreTLS that provides more flexibility when connecting with SMTP servers. For more information, see SMTP Credentials Integration.SMTP Credentials Integration

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue whereby, Pipelines was exceeding the rate limits of cloud providers.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, Jenkins steps were getting skipped due to an unmet dependency.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, pipeline source sync was failing with exception when using local templates.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, the node init script in RHEL 8 static nodes was failing.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, steps were getting stuck when reqKick failed to call stepArtifacts API.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, the Runs dropdown was intermittently redirecting to 404.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, long logs were not visible in the console logs.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, pipeline source sync was failing when the same repo with different capitalization was added multiple times as pipeline source.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, the reqSealer microservice, on retry attempts, was uploading head.json, step.json, and info.json files with zero bytes to Artifactory, causing the files to be empty.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, the SMTP emailAuthPassword property was not masked when creating SMTP Credentials Integration.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, an exception was occurring in pipeline source sync when a step had a node pool specified by name and there were no dynamic node pools.

  • Fixed an issue whereby, every commit was triggering pipeline source sync.

  • Fixed an issue in authentication header parsing in the incoming webhooks API.

  • Several fixes to improve performance and stability.