Pipelines 1.14.1

JFrog Release Information


Released: March 31, 2021


Pipelines 1.14.1 requires Artifactory 7.17.4 and above.

Enhancements to HelmDeploy Native Step

HelmDeploy native step has been enhanced to support filespec and buildinfo input resources. For more information, seeHelmDeploy.

Onboarding Wizard for Pipelines

The Pipelines UI now includes an onboarding wizard to help new users get started with adding an integration, a pipeline source, and a node pool.

Environment Variables Configuration Improvements

It is now possible to add a description and configure the possible list of values for environment variables. These configurations are intended to guide users when creating a custom run configuration. For more information, see Pipelines Environment Variables.

Search/Filter Capability

Pipeline and run views now include search and filter capabilities. This enables you to quickly search pipelines by name and filter pipelines by status. For more information, see Pipeline History.

Pipelines in Projects

Use Pipelines capabilities in the scope of JFrog Projects. JFrog Projects is a management entity for hosting your resources (repositories, builds, Release Bundles, and Pipelines), and for associating users/groups as members with specific entitlements. Offload and delegate Pipelines tasks, such as adding integrations, pipeline sources, and node pools, to Project Admins on the scope of their specific projects. For more information, see Projects.

Support for PostgreSQL 13

Pipelines installer now installs PostgreSQL 13.

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue, where running containers were left behind after a run. The build nodes will now delete any existing docker container before starting the execution of a new affinity group and the list of existing containers will be added to the step console.

  • Fixed an issue, where the isSigned property of a signed output ReleaseBundle resource was not set correctly in all DistributeReleaseBundle and CreateReleaseBundle steps on Windows.

  • Fixed an issue with the CreateReleaseBundleand DistributeReleaseBundle steps, where the step failed on Windows when the Distribution integration did not have a signing key.

  • Fixed an issue, where the runTrigger service crashed when a static node pool was deleted.

  • Fixed an issue, where static node pools were correctly configured to use insecure docker registries.

  • Fixed an issue, where extensions did not export environment variables for integrations used as inputs to the step.

  • Fixed an issue, where dependencyMode would wait for a step even if it was never triggered.

  • Fixed an issue with the Matrix step type, where posting test reports succeeded only on one steplet when multiNode was set to true.

  • Fixed an issue in the UI, where some calls failed with a 400 error if there were a large number of items to be fetched.