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When using an Access Token with a scope of applied-permissions/groups Artifactory may return a 400 Username cannot be null error on some endpoints in the repositories' resource.




When updating Artifactory to version 7.59, under some circumstances, users who attempt to modify their binary-store.xml configuration file might experience files being deleted.


Users with Sharding Cluster configured with Eventual Cluster are at risk of experiencing this issue.


When using Artifactory versions newer than 7.56, under certain circumstances some large accounts might experience a high query load to the database, causing it to crash.

Customers with the one of following account specifications should use the workaround specified:

  • A database Nodes table containing over 50 million rows

  • Over 5% of the database Nodes table contents refer to Docker images or Maven packages


Workaround: To avoid this issue, set the following system property: artifactory.file.service.cache.enabled=false


If your virtual repositories point to less than 10 local repositories each, it is recommended to disable this feature using the system property above.

It is also possible to manually create the index before upgrading to reduce the risk of performance degradation.

For more information, see Internal Database Indexing Enhancements for Nodes Table.


Customers in versions 7.59.x-7.63.5 who created authentication SSH keys under User Profile and then upgraded to a newer version will lose the saved authentication SSH keys.


Check if your SSH keys have been lost, and if so, upgrade Artifactory to version 7.71.16 and recreate the SSH keys.