Artifactory 7.4.0 Cloud

JFrog Release Information


Released: April 6, 2020

Artifactory 7.4 is Available as a Cloud Version

The Artifactory 7.4.1 release is available as a Self-Hosted version and contains all the highlights, feature enhancements, and bug fixes stated in Artifactory 7.4 as part of our Cloud-first initiative.


Go Private GitHub Repositories Support

It is now possible to create a remote Go repository and proxy Go modules from GitHub private repositories.

Additional information on how to configure Artifactory and your Go client to work with GitHub private repositories can be found here.Go Registry

Conda v2 Format

Artifactory now supports the Conda v2 metadata format. You can now use Conda clients from version 4.7, and download/upload Conda v2 format packages from all repository types (local, remote and virtual).

As part of this change, Artifactory now supports the .conda file extension to compress packages more effectively and the current_repodata.json file that makes packages search faster.

Create Admin Access Tokens from within the UI

Administrators can now generate admin-scoped access tokens, for any of the services in the JFrog Platform directly from the UI. This is available from the Administration module under Identity and Access | Access Tokens and click Generate Admin Token. Previously available only as a REST API.Create an Admin Scoped Token

Google Cloud Platform Binary Provider Native Client Support

This release introduces support for the Google Storage native client binary provider, providing improved security using unique private keys.

To opt-in and use the new Google Cloud Storage template, see here.Google Storage Binary Provider Native Client Template

Feature Enhancements

Improved AQL Performance with MSSQL DB

Significant performance improvement for AQL queries when searching artifacts according to build name and number.

Docker Installation Includes Upgraded OpenJDK Version 11.0.6

The OpenJDK version that is bundled with the Artifactory Docker image was upgraded to OpenJDK 11.0.6.

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Improved the performance for the Promote Docker Image.Promote Docker Image


Fixed an issue in which the RPM group settings would not be returned when using the Get Repository Configuration API.Repository Configuration


Fixed an issue in npm repositories in which downloading npm packages that contain “.json” (e.g. merge-package.json) as part of the package name would fail.


Fixed an issue in Ruby Gems repositories in which downloading packages (e.g. sidekiq-pro) from a remote repository that points to would fail.


Fixed an issue in NuGet repositories in which virtual repositories indexes would include extra unnecessary pages that would slow packages installation in some cases. This will now improve performance for NuGet virtual repositories.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to our JIRA Release Notes.