Pipelines 1.4.2

JFrog Release Information


Released: April 14, 2020

Windows Server VM Support

With this version, Pipelines supports node pools of Windows Server build nodes, and provides Windows runtime images.

RHEL7 Platform Support

With this version, Pipelines has been validated to operate on RHEL 7.

RHEL7 Support for Static Nodes

With this version, Pipelines supports RHEL7 static node pools.

Powershell Step

To support execution in Windows Server runtimes, a Powershell generic step has been added to the DSL for Windows Powershell scripts.

Dynamic Node Pools on GCP

With this version, Pipelines supports dynamic node pools running build nodes on Google Cloud Platform.

Dynamic Node Pools on Azure

With this version, Pipelines supports dynamic node pools running build nodes on Microsoft Azure.

Additional option to fail a build if Xray scan fails

The failOnScan flag was added to the following step definitions: XrayScan, DockerPush, GoPublishBinary, GoPublishModule, GradleBuild, MvnBuild, NpmPublish, and PublishBuildInfo. When true, the step fails when the scan fails, and when false, the step status is unaffected by scan results. Default is true.

Resolved Issues
  • Improved efficiency of save_tests utility function - users can now provide blobs in addition to just directories and files, so the saved data is smaller.

  • Fixed an issue with curl command used inside Native Steps, which caused failures with certificates.

  • Fixed an issue with region tag being used for custom runtime images.

  • Node limits are now respected for Static node pools.

  • Fixed an issue with nodePool tag not being respected when specified at a pipeline level.

  • Add automatic login for Azure when integration is supplied as input to a step.

  • Fixed an issue with DockerPush native step not publishing the correct BuildInfo.

  • GET v1/projectIntegrations no longer returns tokens and credentials in clear text.