Pipelines 1.39.1

JFrog Release Information


Released: May 29, 2023

Support for Masking Environment Variables

Introducing secure environment variables. These are encrypted variables that can be used in your pipelines without exposing their value. These environment variables are ideal for private information, such as passwords. When set as true, the value provided is masked in the Pipelines UI.

For more information, see Pipelines Environment Variables.

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Visit https://pipelines.jfrog.io to see this feature in action.

UI Enhancements
  • 'In Use By' Column for Templates: This column shows the number of pipelines that are using a specific template.

  • Pipelines Source Delete Enhancements: The pipeline source delete experience has been enhaced to provide a more engaging and intuitive user experience.

  • Templates & Extensions Renamed: Templates & Extensions have now been renamed to Reusables. This renaming has been done to improve user experience and make the interface more intuitive. The Reusables page captures all the reusable elements available in Pipelines:

    • Tasks: The Tasks tab lists all the currently available for use with Pipelines.

    • Templates: The Templates tab lists all the predefined Global templates and the System templates that you have published.

    • Resources: The Resources tab lists all the Pipelines resources.

    • Steps: The Steps tab lists all the predefined native steps and user-defined steps (previously called extensions steps).

    • Sources: The Sources tab lists all the user-defined resources (previously called extensions resources)

New Resource - Artifact

Introducing a new resource called Artifact. An Artifact resource can be used to trigger a set or pipeline on any of the following Artifactory events: deploy, delete, copy, move, cache.

For more information, see Artifact.Artifact

New Tasks

Introducing 4 new tasks:

  • docker-build: Performs a build to produce a Docker image from a Dockerfile in a GitRepo source repository resource.

  • docker-push: Pushes a Docker Image to a Docker registry.

  • jira-transition: Updates the status of a Jira.

  • npm-build: Builds an npm source.

For more information, see Pipelines Tasks .Pipelines Tasks

Resolved Vulnerabilities

This release contains resolved CVEs - security vulnerability issues.