Pipelines 1.16.0

JFrog Release Information


Released: July 03, 2021


Pipelines 1.16.0 requires Artifactory 7.21.3 and above.

Pipelines 1.16.0 is Available as a Cloud Version

The JFrog Pipelines 1.16.0 release is available as a Cloud version and will be available for on-premise shortly.

Approval Gates

The approval gates feature enables you to insert a manual approval process for a step in a pipeline. Approvers can approve or reject steps, and receive Slack and e-mail notifications for steps that require approval. For more information, see Approval Gates.

Conditional Workflow

The conditional workflow feature enables users to choose if a step executes or skips based on certain conditions set for the previous upstream step. This provides more flexibility in the execution logic of a pipeline. For more information, see Conditional Workflows.

Utility Functions for Signed Pipelines

Added new utility functions to support signed pipelines. For more information, see Pipelines Utility Functions.

Improved Logs for Signed Pipelines

Pipelines will now post logs to step consoles when steps are getting signed. This will help users to identify the cause of failures during the process of signing a pipeline.

Support for failOnValidate

The createReleaseBundle native step now supports the failOnValidate tag, which can be configured to fail a step if the signatures of build artifacts cannot be verified. For more information, see CreateReleaseBundle.

Resolved Issues
  • Resolved an issue, where pipelines sync failed when custom certs were used.

  • Resolved an issue, where pipelines branch sync was taking too long.

  • Steps skipped as a result of a newVersionOnly setting in input resource(s) no longer result in a skipped status for the run.

  • Updated several third-party dependencies to improve security and stability.

  • Individual step timeouts listed in the step YAML will now be limited by the platform and node pool configurations.