Artifactory 7.23.3 Cloud | Self-Hosted

JFrog Release Information


Released: 4 August, 2021

Feature Enhancements

Preliminary Release of the JFConnect Service

A new JFConnect service is now added to Artifactory but is disabled for now. JFConnect will act as the JPD (JFrog Deployment) entitlements service, enabling dynamic entitlement allocation for the connected products, based on account/subscription changes in JFrog’s main Entitlements Server (myJFrog).

Note that this service uses port 8030 (HTTP listener) and 8035 (gRPC listener) but does not require enabling them.

Builds Info REST API Displays the VCS Parameter

The VCS property is now displayed in the Build Info REST API response.Build Info

Resolved Issues

Jira Issue



Fixed an issue whereby, when starting the Artifactory upgrade process, the security.<timetstamp>.xml file was synced between nodes causing the upgrade to hold.


Fixed an issue whereby, NuGet V3 packages with an invalid projectUrl URL broke the indexing in local and virtual NuGet repositories.


Fixed an issue whereby, the user profile could not be updated when the password started with a colon.


Fixed an issue whereby, NPM remote caching prevented packages that were previously downloaded incorrectly, from being pulled correctly at a later stage.


Fixed an issue whereby, Helm did not support adding the term artifactory to the context path of the base URL.

Expanded the SCIM functionality to allow changing the email of a Platform user in Microsoft Azure.

Fixed an issue whereby, a corrupted helm local repository created an index.yaml that corrupted the virtual repository index.yaml file.

Fixed an issue whereby, the JSP extension was included in the Mime Type mapping.

Fixed an issue whereby, a 500 error was generated, when fetching RubyGem non-standard platform files (for example, an x86_64-linux-musl file) from remote repositories and incorrect indexing after uploading the files to local repositories.

The Username is now displayed in the UserLockInMemoryServiceImpl logs allowing you to detect problematic users.

Fixed an issue whereby, the offline services were not shown in the list in the JFrog Deployments page in the UI.

Fixed an issue whereby, under certain circumstances, the SAML login auto-redirect was not functioning.

Fixed an issue whereby, the YUM XML serializer accepted characters that were not supported by YUM.

Fixed an issue whereby, NuGet virtual repositories did not support Include and Exclude patterns when uploading files.

Fixed an issue whereby, the custom AWS S3 endpoint was not supported for Pro subscriptions.

Fixed an issue whereby,.import files were saved in the DB mechanism during the upgrade process causing the upgrade process to fail.