Pipelines 1.13.0

JFrog Release Information


Released: March 17, 2021


Requires Artifactory 7.16.3 or newer.

Pipelines 1.13.0 is Available as a Cloud Version

The JFrog Pipelines 1.13.0 release is available as a Cloud version only.

Support for Extensions in Windows Node

Pipelines nodes now support Windows operating system. Windows can be set as a platform while adding Extension resources and steps. For more information, see Pipelines Extension Resource Model and Pipelines Extension Step Model.

UI Enhancements

This release includes the following UI enhancements:

  • The My Pipelines, Pipeline Sources, Integrations, Node pools, Extensions, and Templates pages now show helpful information instead of empty tables (if there is no data to be displayed).

  • On the Run dashboard:

    • The Step dropdown has been updated to show the status for each step.

    • The Tests tab for a run now displays an error icon if one or more tests of a step fail.

  • In the Run History section and the Pipeline dashboard, the Triggered By and Context tabs have been enhanced:

    • For runs that were created due to a source control event such as, commit/pr/tag/release, Triggered By shows the user who triggered the run, and Context shows the commitSha and commitmsg.

    • For manual triggers, Triggered By shows the user who manually triggered the run, and Context shows the text, 'Manual Trigger'.

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue, where, with some dependencyMode configurations and a waiting child pipeline, a resource input may not have been updated to the latest resource version.

  • Fixed an issue, where errors when downloading state files would only retry thrice but not display the error status code.

  • Fixed an issue, where the cleanup group in the console logs may not be closed when the final step in a run completes.

  • Fixed an issue, where the file name for an extensions readme file had to be in lowercase.

  • Fixed an issue, where the templates dropdown would be empty when trying to add a Pipeline Source from a template.

  • Fixed an issue, where the Pipeline Sources page is always empty in some cases.

  • Fixed an issue, where node initialization incorrectly showed an error about insufficient disk space.

  • Fixed an issue, where the UI would show 'Commit' as the event type on GitRepo resources even when the actual event was a PR, tag, or release.

  • Fixed an issue, where the GoPublishModule step does not collect environment variables in the build info.

  • Fixed an issue, where Windows Server 2019 (w19) build images would not work with Artifactory instances using SSL certs from Let's Encrypt.