Artifactory 7.55.1 Cloud

JFrog Release Information


Released: February 23, 2023

Feature Enhancements

Monitoring Federated Repositories

Administrators can now monitor the status of Federated repositories. Administrators can see whether there are significant synchronization delays between the Federated repositories on the local JPD and other Federation members on remote JPDs. In addition, they can track the number of binaries that the JPD must fetch from other JPDs. For more information, see View Federation Sync Status.View Federation Sync Status

Changing the Base URL for an Active Federation

It is now possible to change the base URL while the Federation that uses it is still active. For more information, see Change the Base URL for Federated Repositories.Change the Base URL in Federated Repositories

New Swift Login Command

You can now access Artifactory via the Swift client using the new authentication command. For more information, see Configuring the Swift Client to work Opposite Artifactory.Swift Registry

Force Authentication for P2 Virtual Repositories RTFACT-29198

It is now possible to Enable Forced Authentication for P2 virtual repositories. For more information, see P2 Repositories.P2 Repositories

New Release Bundle Retention Management

Added a new Release Bundle retention policy feature for Release Bundles received in Artifactory, which can be configured to run automatically or on-demand using a new set of REST APIs. See Artifactory REST API.Artifactory REST APIs

Readme Tab in Package Information

The readme content of a package is now viewable directly from the WebUI for PyPI, npm, NuGet, Cargo, CRAN, Helm, and Swift.

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue whereby, when running the repositories.getRepositoryConfiguration() CLI method for a remote repository, Artifactory returned null.


Fixed an issue related to Conda local repositories whereby, the constraints metadata key was missing from the Artifactory response metadata.


Fixed an issue that caused Property Sets to be lost after converting a local repository to a Federated repository.


Fixed an issue where changes to the custom Base URL resulted in duplicated entries for Federated repositories in the Artifactory Configuration Descriptor.


Fixed an issue that prevented Federated repositories from being included in Webhook events (support provided in REST API only).


Fixed an issue whereby, editing the environments in the global viewer role was not supported in the JFrog WebUI.


Fixed an issue whereby, when retrieving a key with the Metadata Retrieval Cache Period set to zero (0), Artifactory still returned the key from the remote repository cache instead of fetching the latest available version.


Fixed an issue related to RPM remote repositories whereby, when downloading artifacts with a file path containing a colon (:), Artifactory returned a 404 error.


Fixed an issue whereby, when trying to upload Docker image layers weighing more than 2.15 GB with the --export cache parameter enabled, Artifactory returned an error.


Fixed an issue related to Cargo whereby, when Sparse Indexing was enabled and anonymous access was disabled, Artifactory returned a 403 instead of a 401 error.


Fixed an issue whereby, when accessing an artifact that was not cached in a remote repository through the WebUI native browser, Artifactory returned an error.


Fixed an issue whereby, trying to initialize a new remote CocoaPods repository with GitHub, if the default branch on GitHub is not ‘master’, Artifactory returned a 404 error.


Fixed an issue whereby, when resolving existing artifacts via REST API as an anonymous or unauthorized user, Artifactory returned a 404 instead of a 403 error.


Fixed an issue whereby, when authenticating against NuGet using an access token, Artifactory returned a 403 error.


Fixed an issue whereby, installing Terraform Modules and Providers from failed.


Fixed an issue whereby, Global Offline Mode for remote repositories displayed external artifacts.


Fixed an issue related to Helm repositories, whereby when indexing a Helm Chart with an invalid “.gz” format, caused connection to leak when used with s3 storage.


Fixed an issue whereby, related to NuGet V.3, when searching the NuGet remote repository pointed to


Fixed an issue whereby, copying npm packages between npm repositories failed as the copied package was tagged as the Latest version.


Fixed an issue whereby, when creating a repository using a restricted name, Artifactory returned a 400 error.


Fixed an issue whereby, installing packages from a NuGet v.3 remote repository pointing to 'myGet' failed.


Fixed an issue whereby, running a Cargo Search for a Cargo package With SemVer Compatible Pre-Release Tag generated a 500 error.


Fixed an issue whereby, changes to the Federation were published even though they were supposed to be blocked according to the license.


Fixed an issue where the Federated repository logs showed synchronization progress in milliseconds but labeled it as seconds.


Fixed an issue that prevented Group ID searches in Maven packages from working correctly.