Artifactory 7.70.2 Cloud

JFrog Release Information


Released: 3 October, 2023

Verify Connection REST API Deprecation Notice

The REST API Verify Connection will be blocked for Cloud users in Artifactory 7.70.x and future versions. This feature will reach end-of-life at the beginning of Q1, 2024.

Upcoming Behavior Change: Docker Tag Retention Enhancement

In the upcoming Artifactory version 7.74.x, we're introducing an enhancement to the Docker tag retention logic for better management of multi-architecture images.

This enhancement specifically targets multi-architecture images, which are represented with a manifest.list. Here's what to expect:

  • When a multi-architecture image exceeds its Docker tag retention limit, not only will the primary manifest be deleted, but its associated sub-manifests (or sub-images/architectures) and their related blobs will also be removed.

  • Even though these components are deleted, they're not lost. You can retrieve the manifest and its associated sub-manifests and blobs from the trash can, based on your system settings.Restoring Deleted Repositories

Feature Enhancements

  • Hugging Face Naming Limitations

    Artifactory now supports the naming limitations enforced by Hugging Face when deploying models to local repositories. For more information, see Hugging Face Naming limitations.Hugging Face Naming Limitations

  • Hugging Face Model Names Enhancement

    Artifactory now supports hugging face models with names that do not follow the "Organization/Name" structure.

  • Get Release Bundle Versions API Enhancement

    A new query parameter option in the Get Release Bundle v2 Versions API makes it possible to return the permission settings for promoting, distributing, and deleting the specified Release Bundle v2 versions.Get Release Bundle v2 Versions

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue whereby, when restoring a deleted artifact or folder from the trash can with the 'Recursive' checkbox not selected, properties from the repository level are also added to the artifact or folder.


Fixed an issue whereby, when modifying any part of the Security element in the Artifactory YAML Configuration using REST API, the HTTP SSO was set to the default value, which is disabled.


Fixed an issue in Artifactory versions 7.46.3 and higher whereby, when modifying the userLockPolicy settings through the YAML configuration file, the changes were not applied accordingly.


Fixed an issue whereby, after restarting an Artifactory instance, the JAR signing feature did not work as expected.


Fixed an issue whereby, Artifactory did not support sending notification emails to admins when a project reached 75% of its storage limit on Cloud instances.


Fixed an issue whereby, the minor Garbage Collector feature did not clean up as many items as expected.


Fixed an issue whereby, Artifactory did not support downloading un-cached packages from virtual repositories using the JFrog Platform WebUI.


Fixed an issue in pull replication that caused empty folders to appear in the cache even when the include/exclude pattern should have caused the path to not be included.


Fixed an issue in push replication that caused a replication attempt to take place even when the same artifact was already deployed to the same path on the destination instance (before replication was set to take place).


Fixed an issue whereby Docker cleaned up a Federated Docker repository based on an outdated manifest, which resulted in removing new blobs instead of orphaned blobs.


Fixed an issue whereby the optimization percentage value displayed in the storage monitoring user interface was showing a highly inaccurate and exaggerated value.


Fixed an issue related to Go whereby, Artifactory did not support changing a remote repository's Git provider to "ARTIFACTORY" using the YAML configuration REST API.


Fixed an issue whereby, when deploying a BuildInfo resource that contains a null BuildAgent, Artifactory returned a Null Pointer Exception error, failing the deploy.


Fixed an issue whereby, Artifactory did not support configuring a private registry for rabbitmq pre-upgarde hook containers in Xray and platform chart.