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Released: 1 December, 2022

Known Issue in This Version

Enabling anonymous access can cause Artifactory operate in unhealthy mode, meaning that The WebUI continuously displays the message "JFrog Platform will be available shortly". Please upgrade to Artifactory 7.47.12 or higher.


JFrog API Key Deprecation Process

With the release of Artifactory 7.47.10, JFrog introduced a new method that supports Platform administrators with the deprecation process of the API Key feature. With this new process, admins can identify Platform users who still use API Keys for their authentication, thus helping to migrate those users to alternative means of authentication. JFrog is officially beginning the countdown to fully discontinuing its support for this feature. While you can continue to use it in the meantime, at the end of Q1 2024, the API Key will reach its end-of-life.Deprecations

The API Key will be deprecated in the following stages for self-hosted customers:

  1. Artifactory version 7.47.10 includes the option to log users' authentication methods. This will allow administrators to view and warn users using API Keys regarding the upcoming deprecation.

  2. In a future version (scheduled for end of Q3, 2023), the option to block the usage/creation of API Keys will be enabled by default, with the option for admins to change it back to enable API Keys.

  3. By the end of Q1 2024, API Keys will be deprecated altogether and the option to use them will no longer be available.


By the end of Q2 2023, JFrog Cloud customers will be able to download the list of users that use API key from the JFrog Platform UI. From the release of this feature, JFrog Cloud customers will have time to move to reference token from API key. By end of Q1 2024, API Key will be deprecated for both JFrog Cloud and self-hosted customers.

The complete process of the deprecation plan, as well as an explanation on how to use the API Key User Collection feature in 7.47.10, is detailed in the User Profile page.User Profile

API Key User Collection for Cloud Customers

JFrog is creating a solution for our Cloud customers that will help you with the process of determining which of your users are accessing the system with an API Key (as part of the API Key usage deprecation). This solution will be shared with you via Release Notes, so you will not need to contact your account manager or Support for additional assistance.

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue whereby, the time stamps in the artifactory-request-out.log file had an inconsistent format.


Fixed an issue whereby, npm Install failed if the package.json file contained a bundledDependencies section.


Fixed an issue whereby, when uploading RubyGems versions files to Artifactory with the CompactIndex feature flag enabled, the platform section was ignored.


Fixed an issue whereby, the NuGet V3 protocol did not support the index.json root API.