Artifactory 7.73.1 Cloud

JFrog Release Information


Released: 7 November, 2023

Feature Enhancements

  • Define Session Time

    For security reasons, from Artifactory version 7.73, you can now define the maximum time in minutes that a user can remain idle in the user login session.

  • Associating Groups at Large Scale

    From Artifactory version 7.73, a change to the selection process for associating groups with user will be gradually rolled out. The User Management : Users settings for selecting groups has been enhanced to scale up to work with a very large number of groups.Set Groups for a User

  • OpenID Connect Integration

    OIDC integration in the JFrog Platform allows you to use services such as GitHub Actions with OpenID Connect to work on the JFrog Platform. With OIDC integration, you can allow the GitHub Actions CI pipelines to download and publish artifacts without storing JFrog passwords, tokens, or API keys in GitHub.

    OpenID Connect Integration is gradually being rolled out to JFrog Cloud Enterprise X and Enterprise+ customers.OpenID Connect Integration

    OpenID Connect integration provides the following benefits:

    • Passwordless experience The integration eliminates the storage of Secrets in GitHub Secrets.

    • Enhanced security Fine grained Token upon Identity

    • Seamless token management  The integration eliminates the need to manually handle and manage tokens.

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue whereby, when configuring a Backup in Artifactory with the Exclude New Repositories checkbox selected, Artifactory still added new local repositories that were created to the included repositories list.


Fixed an issue related to Conda whereby, Artifactory did not support retrieving artifact metadata from remote repositories that use the .ZST compression algorithm.


Fixed an issue related to NuGet whereby, when configuring a symbol server with Artifactory and trying to fetch the .PDB file using a GUID suffix containing uppercase letters, Artifactory returned a 404 error.


Fixed an issue related to Terraform whereby, when using a statefile weighing more than 20MB, the backend repository returned a 400 error.


Fixed an issue related to RPM whereby, when trying to upgrade the Artifactory version, a virtual repository containing multiple remote repositories was not updated as expected. The fix, for now, works when the remote repositories added in virtual are not prioritized.


Fixed an issue related to virtual repositories whereby, Artifactory did not display the image icon as expected.


Fixed an issue related to Terraform whereby, Terraform Backend repositories did not support using client versions 1.6 and above.


Fixed an issue related to Terraform whereby, Terraform Backend repositories did not support using client versions 1.6 and above.