Artifactory Deprecations

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The following deprecations have already been implemented in JFrog Artifactory:



Deprecation process and next steps

What has to be done?

User Plugins

To learn about deprecated user plugins, refer to Deprecated Plugins.


Artifactory 7.84.10


The Replicator service for Release Bundles v1 has been deprecated, starting with Artifactory 7.84.10.

Replicator provided Enterprise+ customers with selected use case-dependent optimizations when distributing software with JFrog Distribution.

After the upgrade, JFrog Distribution will continue to function as it did before Replicator was deprecated.

NuGet V2 APIs Deprecation Notice

Artifactory 7.49.3

With the decision by NuGet for EoL/EoS for Nuget V2 and transition to V3, and JFrog's emphasis on keeping its code up-to-date, the following two NuGet APIs will be deprecated towards the end of Q1, 2023:



If you continue to use NuGet V2, you can use the /search API instead.

CentOS 8.x support

Artifactory 7.43.x

CentOS 8.x reached its end-of-life in December 2021. CentOS 8.x support for JFrog products was deprecated at the end of June 2022.

Terraform Backend Repository deprecation by Hashicorp

End of Q2 2022

In the first half of 2022, Hashicorp announced the deprecation of a number of legacy providers, including the legacy artifactory provider, which served as a basic backend that only stored States in a generic JFrog repository, created and maintained by Hashicorp.

To avoid confusion, please note that the official JFrog Artifactory Terraform Backend repository, described in this article, is unaffected by the Hashicorp artifactory backend provider deprecation action.

As part of JFrog's alignment with the common Hashicorp main practices, the JFrog Terraform Backend repository supports the official Hashicorp enterprise-grade Terraform backend provider, and supports features such as locking, encoding of the data, smart comparisons, and additional common practices.

KMS encryption client name

Artifactory 7.31.10

The name, kmsServerSideEncryptionKeyId is deprecated.

You can continue to use the name without causing any errors.

Use KMS Encryption client with the given KMS encryption key ID or alias.

Archive search on SaaS

December, 31, 2021

The Archive Search feature in JFrog Artifactory has been deprecated as of December, 31, 2021. The Archive Search feature affects Java workloads by searching through archived JARs and other files. As a result of the deprecation, your Artifactory performance will be improved due to a reduction of upload-related events and a decrease in database-related activities.

Browsing JAR archives and associated files will still be available via API or the product UI.

ui/repos/simple/.. path for each repository

Artifactory 7.17.0

With the release of the new Native browser in Artifactory 7.17, the ui/repos/simple/.. path for each repository has been deprecated and should not be used.


Artifactory 7.9.0

The write-locking method and UI session sharing between the JFrog Platform cluster nodes using Hazelcast is no longer supported.

For more information, see the Support Blog.

Non-supported Docker strategies for JFrog Cloud users

Artifactory 7.8.1

From Artifactory 7.8.1, the subdomain resolution method for resolving Docker repositories will not be supported for new Cloud users. This deprecation does not apply to existing Cloud users.

Breaking deprecation changes

Artifactory 7.0

  • All configurations have been moved from the replicator.yaml to the Antifactory system.yaml file.

  • The tx directory, containing temporary data, has been moved to $JFROG_HOME/artifactory/var/bootsrtap/replicator/tx.

  • The proflilingDisabled parameter is deprecated. To enable/disable replicator profiling, use the replicator.profiling.enabled configuration in the system.yaml file.

  • License Control

  • Stash Search Results .

  • User Plugins: All non-deprecated plugins should now work with Artifactory 7.x. If you wrote a custom user plugin that relies on a non-public API you should test it in Artifactory 7.x before deploying to production.

  • AJP Connector has been removed and will no longer work, HTTP should be used as an alternative.