Artifactory 7.7.0 Cloud

JFrog Release Information


Released: 29th July, 2020

Artifactory 7.7 is Available as a Cloud Version

The Artifactory 7.7 release is available as a Cloud version. Artifactory 7.7.3 is the On-Premises version and official Cloud Version of Artifactory 7.7.0.


Users can be Assigned the Manage Resources Role

Admins can assign users with the Manage Resource role to manage resources including create, edit, and delete permissions on any resource type including Pipeline resources (Integration, Source, and Node Pools).

GraphQL Beta version Released in the JFrog Platform

This version of GraphQL is a beta version and for now, it only has a limited set of capabilities till future additions are made.

JFrog's Metadata Service has now enabled the integration of the metadata server with the GraphQL public API. Currently, only packages are supported, with more GraphQL capabilities coming in the near future. You can use the graphiql to learn about the GraphQL metadata schema and as a playground to test your queries. To access it, <your server url>/metadata/api/v1/query/graphiql.

Artifactory Open Metrics Support

Artifactory 7.7 has been enhanced to support open metrics. The new Get the Open Metrics for Artifactory REST API command has been added and returns the following metrics in the Open Metrics format. The following two new metric-related log files are added to the file system:

  • artifactory_metrics.log: Contains system metrics such as:

    • Total disk space used

    • Total disk space free

    • Time CPU is used by the process

  • artifactory_metrics_events.log: Contains deduplicated metrics related to an event such as a GC run.

Feature Enhancements

Improved LDAP Pagination Support Usage

Added the Used Page Results parameter in the LDAP page to support LDAP Group pagination. This is supported for LDAP servers with more than 1000 groups which support groups pagination to allow admins to use paged LDAP results. For unsupported LDAP servers, admins can disable the LDAP pagination results via the UI or Artifactory's configuration files, thereby improving LDAP performance and calls.

Persistent Expiry Threshold Token

Added the new persistent-expiry-threshold parameter allowing you to set the minimum value of expiry a token in order for the token to be saved in the DB to the Access YAML Configuration file.

Indexing Improvements for Npm Packages

Implemented incremental indexing as part of the existing npm indexing mechanism resulting in reduced time to build the package index.

Improved Export and Access Federation Performance in an HA Environment

Minimized the load for the Export and Access Federation processes in an HA environment when using JFrog Distribution.

Artifactory Now Supports MySQL 8 Out-of-the-box

From Artfactory 7.7, MySQL 8 is now supported.

Upgraded Tomcat Version

The Tomcat bundled with Artifactory has been upgraded to version 8.5.57, solving some security vulnerabilities described in CVE-2020-11996, CVE-2020-13934, and CVE-2020-13935.

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue where Puppet release names containing a dash "-" in the version-number were not resolved.


Fixed an issue whereby Event-Based Pull Replication for Docker Repositories did not copy the images to the Target.


Fixed an issue whereby Gem artifacts containing a large number of dependencies failed to be resolved from the repo.


Fixed an issue whereby Docker images were not served from cache if the source repository was offline.


Fixed an issue whereby the Forgot password feature in Artifactory did not take into consideration the "Disable Internal Password" field when the "Can Update Profile" field was also selected.


Fixed an issue whereby a deadlock occurred when pushing the same Docker image with different tags in parallel.


Fixed several issues whereby when working with the S3 direct binary provider, connections were not being released from the HTTP connection pool of the S3 client, resulting in HTTP connection leaks.


Fixed an issue whereby NuGet searches failed when locks were inserted from the Distributed_locks table.


Fixed an issue whereby Metadata migration during an upgrade from Artifactory 6.x to 7.x failed.


Changed the default database connection pool to HikariCP to improve database connection handling and potentially improve performance on high concurrency environments.


OPKG spec changed - causes packages' resolution failures

For a complete list of changes, please refer to our JIRA Release Notes.