Artifactory 7.68.6 Cloud

JFrog Release Information


Released: September 4, 2023

New Features

Xray Scanning of Release Bundles v2

JFrog Xray can now scan Release Bundles v2 for potential vulnerabilities and security risks. Security administrators can create policies that block the promotion and distribution of Release Bundles flagged by Xray, as required.

Support for Docker Project ID Field for Remote Repositories

Artifactory now supports populating the Project ID field for remote repositories through the JFrog Platform WebUI, enabling users to utilize private Docker repositories.

Support for PostgreSQL 14 and 15

Artifactory is now certified to work with PostgreSQL 14 and 15 database.

Feature Enhancements

New Artifactory Sharding Storage Metrics

Metrics for the sharding binary provider have been added. For more information on these metrics, see Artifactory Metrics.Artifactory Metrics

Sharding Improvements

The enableShardingBalancer flag was added to the configuration options for the sharding binary provider, to allow for disabling the balancing sharding mechanism. Also, the default value for the maxBalancingRunTime setting was set to 0.0 to allow for the sharding balancing operation to complete without interruption. For more information, see Basic Sharding ConfigurationBasic Sharding Configuration

Increased Number of Roles Per Project

The number of roles allowed per project has been increased from 10 to 30.

Ability to Order Environments

On the Environments page of the platform UI, it is now possible to drag and drop environments into whatever order is desired. (Global and project environments must remain separate.)

Workers REST APIs

You can now use Workers REST APIs to configure and manage Worker service settings. To learn about Workers, see Workers Service.Workers REST APIsWorkers Service

Resolved Issues

JIRA Issue



Fixed an issue that prevented non-Enterprise+ users from managing a permission target for Release Bundles v2 using the Get/Create/Update/Delete Permission Target REST APIs.


Fixed an issue related to the YAML configuration file whereby, when creating or updating repository properties with the value null, Artifactory set the value as $$deleted=null.


Fixed an issue whereby, when trying to download from a remote repository pointing to another Artifactory repository upstream, where Xray is blocking the download, Artifactory returned a status code from the remote repository and not from the upstream repository.


Fixed an issue whereby, when uploading two RPM files with the same name but different SHA1 values at the same time, a SHA1 mismatch occurred.


Fixed an issue related to Artifactory versions 7.59.9 and later whereby, when using the Synchronize LDAP Groups feature with a large number of configured groups, the JFrog Platform WebUI became unresponsive.


Trying to create a token in the UI for locked, disabled, or invited users will now show a proper error message informing the user why the token creation is not possible.


Fixed an issue related to RubyGems local repositories whereby, when deleting a quick folder and recalculating the repository index, the folder was not recreated.


Fixed an issue related to Terraform whereby, when resolving external dependencies from a Smart Remote repository pointing to a remote repository, the Smart Remote repository attempted to resolve the dependency instead of requesting it from the Remote repository.


Fixed an issue related to Distribution Webhooks whereby, when selecting release bundles to be included in the webhook, Release Bundles with targets but no sources were included in the list.


Fixed an issue that caused the Federated Base URL to be ignored in favor of the custom Base URL when adding members to a Federation. This issue occurred when the remote JPD was added via deployment bindings.


Fixed an issue whereby Federated repositories were missing the Deploy tab in the Set Me Up dialog box, regardless of the package type.


Fixed an issue whereby, the Custom Base URL was reset to null when the Custom Message was enabled and disabled under General Settings.


Fixed an issue that enabled REST API users to choose a terraformType other than provider or module, which resulted in a UI error of "Federated repository is not found".


Fixed an issue whereby, the Set Me Up screen in the Jfrog Platform WebUI took a long time to load for non-admin users with limited permissions.


Fixed an issue where the edge nodes that were registered to home using join-key went offline after a certain period due to the token cleanup job.


Fixed an issue whereby, when trying to save a webhook, the validation failed if an HTTP proxy was set.


Fixed an issue whereby, the Artifactory UI became sluggish and did not show all the content when there is a large number of Crowd groups in the system.


When initiating the archive process, a cold manifest file is created for internal use and this file is archived with the other artifacts. In previous releases, the cold manifest file was included as part of the archived artifacts summary. In this release, this file is no longer included as part of the archived artifacts summary. To implement this change, you must upgrade both warm and cold instances.


Fixed an issue whereby, when using mTLS to authenticate, Artifactory returned an 'invalid username' error.


Fixed an issue whereby, it was possible to edit disabled inputs on the edit page of a single user when using the LastPass browser extension on the Artifactory WebUI.


Fixed an issue whereby, when trying to refresh an expired token during the token.cache.expire-after-write-seconds period, Artifactory returned an error.


Fixed an issue whereby, when opening the Set Me Up menu in Cloud environments with subdomains and no Custom Domain Name configured, the JFrog Platform WebUI showed the domain's technical name instead of the server name.


Fixed an issue whereby, when you tried to create a token in the UI for locked, disabled, or invited users did not dispaly a proper error message about why the token creation was not possible.


Fixed an issue whereby, the JFrog Platform WebUI became unresponsive while synchronizing LDAP Groups when there were a large number of configured groups.


Fixed an issue whereby, the Mission Control microservice failed to monitor the local topology if the home JPD scaled down due to lower load.


Fixed an issue whereby, the Username field displayed masked characters and the Password field displayed plain text characters in the Register Platform Deployment screen.


Fixed an issue whereby, the Custom Login Dialog did not appear in all logins. You can now configure whether to display the dialog only once or for every login.