Pipelines 1.11.0

JFrog Release Information


Released: January 21, 2021


Requires Artifactory 7.11 or newer.

Pipelines 1.11.0 is Available as a Cloud Version

The JFrog Pipelines 1.11.0 release is available as a Cloud version and will be available for on-premise shortly.


As of this release, build nodes no longer need to connect to RabbitMQ. As a result of this, after upgrading to Pipelines 1.11.0:

  • Steps that were running before and during upgrade might time out. If this happens, run the steps again.

  • Re-initialize all static nodes for the builds to run.


We recommend updating the service and build image registry during upgrade.

Pipeline of Pipelines view - Pipelines-level

Pipelines now includes a graph view for individual pipelines, which displays dependencies across pipelines and makes it easy to understand the end-to-end workflow. For more information, seeViewing Pipelines.Viewing Resources in the UI

Auto-fetch Repository and Branch for Pipeline Sources

When adding a pipeline source, based on the information you have provided for the selected integration, the full name of the repository and the branch is automatically fetched. For more information, see Adding a Pipeline Source.

Enhanced MvnBuild native step

The MvnBuild native step has been enhanced based on customer feedback. The new step does not require the Artifactory plugin, and step configuration has been updated to add options for resolving dependencies and to work with default configuration.

Native steps updates

All native steps have been updated to display executed commands in console logs. Default configuration values have been added where possible.

Test Integration

Users have the ability to validate several integrations before creating or editing them. These include Artifactory, Distribution, Github, Github Enterprise, Bitbucket, Bitbucket Server, and Gitlab.

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue, where the Control Plane container was running with root access.

  • Fixed an issue, where targetRepo was not displayed in the context menu for a BuildInfo resource.

  • Fixed an issue, where the error message while adding an integration with a duplicate name was misleading.

  • Improved several error messages shown while adding pipeline sources.

  • Fixed an issue, where a token for a Jenkins integration could not be erased and regenerated.